A Truly Groundbreaking Show on Rap Music | Rap Viet 2020

Rap Viet has brought rap shoulder to shoulder
with music genres in Vietnam

Perhaps it should come as no surprise then that DatVietVAC was able to initiate another cultural phenomenon in 2020 that transformed the standing and influence of rap music in the country. First released on August 1, Rap Viet was the most-viewed program of the year in Vietnam, reaching 2 billion views on YouTube – Facebook – VieON, to reach all parts of the Vietnamese population with popular shows and series, spreading hope and cheer and helping audiences go through these uncertain times.

Notably, DatVietVAC also has plans to go beyond Vietnam’s borders. There are at least 5 million Vietnamese living around the world.1 The company’s first step internationally in markets like the United States, Cambodia, France and Australia, where it can provide Vietnamese content to overseas Vietnamese communities. This audience living far from home craves home content and culture, while also being used to high standards of offerings from their new home economies, so the premium content and world-class product would potentially be a very good fit.

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