Measurement for YouTube: Be part of the conversation

How to use data to defend and propel your idea, rather than simply “test it”.

In addition to industry measurement standards, you can assess the performance of your video advertising in real-time with YouTube Studio, Brand Lift Surveys, and Video Experiments. Having a solid understanding of metrics gives you a louder voice when analysing and evaluating work. Plus, knowing how work will be measured provides a clear roadmap from the start.

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is the place to monitor the performance of your ads with up-to-date metrics, reports, and insights. You can easily access loads of data, like Watch time, Traffic sources, and Demographics reports.

Brand Lift Surveys

Appearing as ads before YouTube videos, Brand Lift Surveys have the ability to uncover viewer insights fast, such as how well the idea is landing with your audience, or how the work could be improved.

Video Experiments

When creativity and experimentation mix, ideas can be viewed through the lens of data. YouTube gives you the option to run video experiments against creative and targeting hypothesis, to see which options perform statistically and significantly better.

Some things to consider:

  • Do your homework. Identify specific KPIs, then compare past metrics and benchmarks.
  • Build for YouTube. For best results, refer to the Skippable in-stream and Bumper creative downloads.
  • Stay on top of results. Measure creative as it happens and adjust creative accordingly.
  • Multiple metrics. Give thought to ad recall, brand awareness, consideration, and more.
  • Try experimentation. Test variations of creative ideas in a real environment.
  • Learn for next time. Use current creative as a foundation to build insights for future work.
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